Gene Rechtzigel

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US Representative
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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Should abortions be banned after 20 weeks, the point at which an unborn child can feel pain? Y Note: “The real solution is putting the reading of the Bible back into the public school system, passing a law that life begins at conception and banning the killing of children with abortions, for you reap what you sow.”
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2. Do you oppose taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood? -
3. Do you oppose taxpayer funding of gender reassignment surgeries? -
4. Do you support school choice legislation, such as tuition tax credits, that would enable parents to choose the school that best suits their child’s needs? -
5. Should people have their religious liberties protected if they refuse to celebrate a same sex wedding? -
6. Do you support criminal justice reforms aimed at reducing recidivism such as the First Step Act? -
7. Do you support increasing security at America's borders? Y Note: “A new effective secure type of border security with Mexico is necessary.”
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8. Do you support granting asylum to those who have suffered political, ethnic, or religious persecution? -
9. Do you support a path to legal residency for immigrants who were brought to this country illegally as minors but have lived law-abiding and productive lives as adults? -