Wiens, Mark

Meet the Candidate

Running For:
MN House of Representatives
Political Affiliation:
(651) 283-3953
Masters Degree
Biographical Info:
I am a U.S. Army Veteran with 30 years of service, multiple deployments and combat tours. I have witnessed some of the worst places on the planet and I am committed to making Minnesota one of the best. Upon retiring from the military, I became involved in our Veteran Community and am serving on the Executive Board of the WW2 Round Table, where serving veterans has been extremely rewarding. I am married to Tina Watson, a mental health therapist, and we are celebrating 30 plus years of marriage. We have two daughters in Stillwater Public Schools, a dog and a cat. For the past 20 plus years we have called Lake Elmo and the surrounding area home.
I am troubled at how ineffectively our state is run with crime, chaos & corruption on the rise! I am a leader with the qualities to make the necessary improvements to bring us together and on track for a prosperous, peaceful and unified future.


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  • ?Declined to Respond/Undecided, Position Unknown/Unclear
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  • Position based upon candidate record or extensive research

Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Should abortions be banned after fetal heartbeat is detected (around 6 weeks gestation)? Y* With provisions for the: 1. Life of the mother 2. Reported rape or incest
2. Do you oppose all taxpayer funding of abortion? Y
3. Do you oppose physician assisted suicide, also referred to as aid in dying? Y
4. Do you oppose public school policies that promote transgender ideology, such as comprehensive sex education? Y
5. Do you support legislation that preserves girls’ and women’s athletics for biological females? Y
6. Do you support school choice legislation, such as tuition tax credits, that would enable parents to choose the school that best suits their child’s needs? Y
7. Should people have their religious freedom protected if they refuse to participate in a same-sex wedding? Y
8. Do you oppose efforts to ban voluntary biblical counseling in the areas of gender and sexuality? Y
9. Do you support a parent’s fundamental right to direct the upbringing of their children, including their education and health care? Y