Schroeder, Jackie

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MN House of Representatives
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(763) 498-3746
BA-Finance University of St. Thomas
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ABOUT JACKIE SCHROEDER HARDWORK IS A CORE VALUE I was raised in a small town in northwestern Minnesota and began working at the age of nine in my family’s small business. I attended St. Thomas University and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in finance. Upon graduation I began my first job as a financial analyst for Pepsi. I have been working hard my entire life and know what it means to make sacrifices to achieve your dreams. WIFE and MOM I have been married to Bill Schroeder for over 26 years and together we have raised 7 children. They are now a MPLS police sergeant, a stay-at-home homeschooling mom, an Air Force Captain, a Development Achievement Center support professional, a small business owner, a Valedictorian of SJU and a hard-working sophomore at UST. I am a homeschool, public school and private school mom. I have seen first hand that every child is unique and has different needs at different stages of life. I have been involved in my kids schooling in every capacity and my breadth of experience in this area allows me to get any job done. ENTREPRENUER My husband and I started a small business and sold it after 12 successful years. I know what it takes to make it through lean times, keep employees on the payroll as well as take risks to create jobs and opportunity. Additional-ly, I have seen how treating employees and customers with dignity makes all the difference. Customer service is still king and I will prioritize serving all of my constituents with the same passion and success I brought to the pri-vate sector. LEADER I am an active volunteer in my church and within our community. For our church, I co-chaired a successful capital campaign for a gym and activities center, was actively involved in music liturgy and taught confirmation. I have also been an active school volunteer as a “Captain’s Mom” for soccer, football, baseball, and rugby. ADVOCATE Everyone has a story that has brought them to the place they are today. Each story is unique and deserves to be heard. Every human being has intrinsic value. I believe we are wired for truth and that speaking the truth with compassion and love opens up hearts. I have long been a mentor and advocate and now want to use those skills to serve our community. IN A NUT SHELL I’m a wife, mom and business owner who understands the struggles and stresses families, employers and seniors face. I will work for our communities with the same determination and common sense that have enabled me to be successful in other arenas and will fight to create opportunities for all in our community - all while also holding government accountable for results. Principled. Determined. Common-Sense Solutions.
Because the only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing. I could not let my pro-abortion opponent go unchallenged. Although political office was not at all on my bucket list, I knew I needed to stand in the gap and give my fellow Plymouth residents a common-sense, truth-based choice to vote for. There are so many preeminent issues that need to be addressed, and that cannot be done with only one side being presented. I am running "for such a time as this".


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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Should abortions be banned after fetal heartbeat is detected (around 6 weeks gestation)? Y* A pre-born life is a life at all stages from conception.
2. Do you oppose all taxpayer funding of abortion? Y
3. Do you oppose physician assisted suicide, also referred to as aid in dying? Y* Every life has value from the moment of conception until natural death.
4. Do you oppose public school policies that promote transgender ideology, such as comprehensive sex education? Y
5. Do you support legislation that preserves girls’ and women’s athletics for biological females? Y
6. Do you support school choice legislation, such as tuition tax credits, that would enable parents to choose the school that best suits their child’s needs? Y
7. Should people have their religious freedom protected if they refuse to participate in a same-sex wedding? Y
8. Do you oppose efforts to ban voluntary biblical counseling in the areas of gender and sexuality? Y
9. Do you support a parent’s fundamental right to direct the upbringing of their children, including their education and health care? Y