Jacob, Steven

Meet the Candidate

Running For:
MN House of Representatives
Political Affiliation:
(507) 534-2554
Biographical Info:
Fourth generation family farmer. Married to wife Mary for 34 years with 4 adult children and 4 grandchildren. Currently serving in 10th year as Winona County Commissioner. Active community and church servant.
My goals for running for MN House of Representatives remain the same as when I first ran for and won Winona County District 3 Commissioner 10 years ago. --Stop the expansion of government. --Less government / More freedom. --Contain government. -- My voting record has been and will continue to that of a government watchdog. --Return any current or future budget surpluses back to the taxpayer. --Protect the unborn. --Protect our 2nd Amendment rights. --Deal with record inflation. --Take shackles off private sector businesses and make Minnesota open for business. --Deal with the burning of our cities disgrace. --Stop economic shutdowns, church shutdowns and mask mandates. --Stop tax increases and provide tax relief. --Support Law Enforcement.


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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Should abortions be banned after fetal heartbeat is detected (around 6 weeks gestation)? Y
2. Do you oppose all taxpayer funding of abortion? Y
3. Do you oppose physician assisted suicide, also referred to as aid in dying? Y
4. Do you oppose public school policies that promote transgender ideology, such as comprehensive sex education? Y
5. Do you support legislation that preserves girls’ and women’s athletics for biological females? Y
6. Do you support school choice legislation, such as tuition tax credits, that would enable parents to choose the school that best suits their child’s needs? Y
7. Should people have their religious freedom protected if they refuse to participate in a same-sex wedding? Y
8. Do you oppose efforts to ban voluntary biblical counseling in the areas of gender and sexuality? Y
9. Do you support a parent’s fundamental right to direct the upbringing of their children, including their education and health care? Y